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“Discover How You Can Easily Create & Publish Your Own Low-Content Books for One of the Most Popular Publishing Categories...Doodle Books!”
Of all the publishing categories that exists, can you guess the ones that are the fastest-growing? 

Low-Content Books!

When you visit ANY store that offers books and magazines for sale, you will always see TONS of coloring books, puzzle books, journals, note books, children's books and more! And can you guess which type of low-content book is at the root of nearly all others?

If you guessed DOODLE BOOKS, congratulations! 

Take Coloring Books as an example...many don't realize is that the massive coloring book trend was actually birthed out of Doodling...people began coloring the doodles they were creating!

Chances are that, at some point in your a child or as an doodled. We all have. It's a "mindless" activity that helps us pass time, negotiate challenging tasks or to just de-stress.

There is actually amazing studies and research that support the importance of Doodles:
“Recent research in neuroscience, psychology and design shows that doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information. A blank page also can serve as an extended playing field for the brain, allowing people to revise and improve on creative thoughts and ideas.” ~Wall Street Journal
“Preliminary studies and anecdotal reports seem support the idea that [doodling] is a “meditative” art form that actually induces relaxation and has an impact on self-control, mood, and stress reduction.” ~Psychology Today
Doodling can take on a LOT of forms for both adults and children. It may serve as a form of art journalling or as a fun activity for your child. And therein lies the beauty for creating and publishing books for the world's doodlers => This underserved publishing market has PLENTY of room to be creative and expressive when creating your books!
Of ALL the Low-Content Books You Can Create,
Doodle Books Is One of the Easiest!
Here are a few examples of the MANY forms Doodle Books can take on...
But Tony...You Don’t Understand...I Can’t Draw!
GOOD! Neither can I, which leads me to the BEST part: Creating your own Doodle Book doesn't REQUIRE you to draw OR doodle! Let me repeat that because it's HUGE...
Creating your own Doodle Book doesn't REQUIRE you to draw...OR doodle!
Doodle Books are meant to be FUN...and creating them is JUST as fun because there are FEW limits to what you create! You can create books for children if that's your passion OR design books with the working Mom in mind! Focus your book toward the elderly or boys who love science! The fact is that Doodle Books are one of the most diverse and flexible book styles there is!

In Other Words...You CAN Do This. And It's FUN! And in my latest training, I break it down for you in easy-to-follow strategies.
“Make Doodle Books!”
In this FUN new publishing training by Design Expert and Master Teacher, Tony Laidig, you will discover the creative world of Doodle Books. As you go through the beginner-friendly training videos, you will quickly discover that YOU can (and should) create Doodle Books for your favorite niche, passion or markets!
What to Expect From “Make Doodle Books”...
“Make Doodle Books”
Training Series
Module One
  • What Doodle Books Are and Why They Matter.
  • Different Types of Doodle Books.
  • Planning Your Doodle Book.
  • And Much More!
Module Two
  • Getting Started With Your Doodle Book Idea.
  • Best Sites for Fonts.
  • Best Sites for Graphics.
  • Making Your OWN Backgrounds.
  • And Much More!
Module Three
  • Creating Hybrid Doodle Books.
  • Doodle Book Series and How to Plan for Them.
  • And Much More!
BONUS: Creating Composite Doodles
  • In this video, Tony demonstrates how he creates one of the composite Doodles for his Children's Doodle Book using multiple image assets.
BONUS: Creating Awesome Watercolor Backgrounds
  • In this added video, Tony shares a secret strategy on how to turn pixelated, low-rez art images into amazing watercolor backgrounds!
BONUS: Dedicated Facebook Group
  • Here you will be able to ask Doodle Book-related questions, share resources, share your Doodle Books and more!
SPECIAL BONUS: New Training!
Layout Your Doodle Book for Print
  • On this new BONUS webinar, Tony shares the best methods for getting your Doodle Book ready for print. He covers the page layout, cover design and more using his own book as the case study!
Your Teacher, Tony Laidig
Tony Laidig is taking a lifetime of design adventures to new horizons in online training. From his first published photos at 19 and on to becoming a prolific, award-winning book cover designer he proved his parents “starving artist” worries wrong while doing what he loved. 

Today he loves combining his passions for illustration, photography and book design while connecting with likeminded people in online training, empowering entrepreneurs to do what they love. On his downtime he loves hanging out with his grandkids and his own personal ninja.
Hard at Work on a fun Doodle Book!
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  • BONUS: Creating Composite Doodles Video Training
  • BONUS: Creating Awesome Watercolor Backgrounds
  • BONUS: Webinar on Getting Your Doodle Book Ready for Print
  • BONUS: Dedicated Doodle Book Facebook Group
  • Ongoing Access to ALL Videos and Materials
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